anda kelik saye kelik anda~

Monday, November 9, 2009

tEarDrops On My gUiTar


entri untuk diriku~

 what do u do when u feel hopeless..
when u have nobody to talk to
when u feel that diz is the end of yur lyfe
when u realise that someone who used to understand u,is no longer there for u
when u realise that u actually miss his/her accompany
when u want to have a heart to heart talk to dat someone,but u realised that everything is changed.
i really miss u.....

 damn sad.with all this shitty news.
i want to start all over again.
ya ALLAH give me the chance
to change all dat have happened
i want to prove to all people that i love
especially deary papa and mama
dat i will make them proud.someday.somehow.

have faith in yurself. fell lyke giving up